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These are the Terms and Conditions that apply to anyone who attends events presented by MACE Media Group (the “Producer”).


These Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity (“you” or “your”) and MACE Media Group (“we,” “us,” “our,” or “Producer”) concerning your attendance at a MACE Media Group presented event (i.e., CBD Expo). Upon registration for the event, you agree to be bound by all of these Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to make changes or modifications to these Terms and Conditions at any time and for any reason.


To be considered registered as an attendee to the event, you must completely fill out and submit the registration form at https://cbdexpo.net/ and provide the Producer with full payment prior to the event. Once the registration form and full payment have been received, you will receive confirmation via email. After an attendee has registered, the Producer reserves the right to review the information provided in the registration form and adjust the ticket type and fees due if it is found that the information provided by the attendee has been misrepresented or is incorrect. In any such event, you will be notified about the adjusted fee and ticket change, and the payment method we have on file will subsequently be charged. Attendees may qualify for an “early bird” rate by submitting the registration form and full payment by the deadline listed in the conference marketing material.


The Producer, in its sole discretion and without refund, reserves the right to deny attendee admittance to an event. In addition, the Producer reserves the right to expel any attendee(s) from the event even after originally being admitted if we determine that attendee(s) is behaving or acting in a manner that could be disruptive or could otherwise negatively affect any other attendee(s) or the entire event itself.


As an attendee and in compliance with these Terms and Conditions, you shall not, at any time during your attendance at one of our events, solicit business and or services from other attendees, exhibitors, or affiliates of either. The Producer reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to expel any attendee(s) who are found to be soliciting at the event. The Producer also reserves the right to ban any attendee found to be soliciting from any and all future events presented by the Producer. You agree that you will not conduct any type of function within the facility, such as hotel meeting rooms, public areas, hotel rooms, during the event hours without the prior written consent of the Producer.


Producer-issued credentials are the sole property of the Producer and must be surrendered upon demand by the Producer or any of its affiliates. The credentials must be prominently displayed while at the conference or designated off-site activities. False certification/fake credentials displayed or misuse of credentials will be just cause for expulsion of the attendee(s) and its affiliates from the event and the Producer may decide to ban attendee(s) and its affiliates from all future events.


We are committed to protecting your personal data and right to privacy in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We will use our best efforts to safeguard attendee information provided in the registration form or other communication. Upon submitting the registration form, you agree to allow the Producer and its affiliated agents to contact you as it relates to your attendance and or services. If you wish to opt out of communication from the Producer and its affiliated agents, you must notify the Producer, in writing at the time of your registration, of your wishes. The contact information collected from the registration form will be posted on a list. This list allows sponsoring companies and other attendees to better network. If you wish to not have your contact information listed, you must notify the Producer, in writing at the time of your registration, of your wishes.


The Producer reserves the right to use any photographs, recordings, electronic images, or other publicity related material obtained by the Producer during the event(s), for any use deemed proper by the Producer. The Producer maintains the exclusive right to include photographic, video, or other visual portrayals of attendees in any medium related to the Producer for the purpose of trade, advertising, sales, publicity, and otherwise, without compensating the attendee. All of which described above shall be the Producer’s sole property, free of any claims by attendee(s) or any persons deriving any rights or interest from the attendee.


It should be noted that views expressed by speakers and exhibitors are their own. The Producer shall not be liable for advice given and views expressed by any speaker or exhibitor at the event(s) or provided in any material given to attendees. In addition, the Producer and its affiliated companies’ websites may link to other websites and networking providers, the contents of which are maintained by their owners, for which the Producer shall not be liable.


The Producer shall at any time prior to the Event, have the right to change the Venue, Speaker Lineup, Event Times, Event Dates or any or all other components of the Event, at any time, with or without advance notification.


The Producer may, at any time, with or without giving notice, and in its sole discretion and without giving any reason, change, cancel, or postpone the event(s), change its venue, or otherwise modify any terms of the event. The Producer reserves the right to withdraw an attendee’s registration and prevent from attending. In either case, neither Producer nor any of its affiliates, officers, employees, agents, members, or representatives shall be liable for any loss, damage, or expense suffered or incurred by any person in relation to the event. No refunds will be issued as all sales are final. Registration fees are creditable to other events should an attendee with to cancel or the event is cancelled for any reason.


The Producer shall not be held liable for any delay or failure in performance of its obligations to the event(s) to the extent such delay or failure is caused by accident, riot, war, terrorist act, epidemic, pandemic, quarantine, civil commotion, breakdown of communication facilities, natural catastrophes, government acts or omissions, changes in laws or regulations, fire, explosion, or other such reasons. In any event, the Producer may postpone, reschedule, or cancel the event without being liable to the attendee for any damages, costs, or losses incurred, such as, but not limited to, transportation costs, accommodation costs, or financial losses. The Producer will review, on a situational basis, the cancellation policy on refunds/creditability upon written request from the attendee with thirty (30) days of postponement, cancellation, or reschedule of the event.


You agree, as an attendee, to indemnify the Producer with respect to any and all liabilities, losses, damages, costs, and or expenses related to any claim, demand, action, suit, and or proceeding brought by a third party arising out of or in connection with registration or attendance to the event(s). You agree that you will hold harmless the Producer from any and all claims, including losses, damages, or other liability arising from your registration and attendance to the event(s).


These Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of California without regard to its principles on conflicts of laws. Jurisdiction and venue shall be solely within San Luis Obispo County in the State of California.

1. What ticket should I purchase?

  • 2 Day General Admission – You are a member of the general public looking to learn more about cannabinoids and extraction as well as hear from our speakers and exhibitors. This ticket gives you full access to the expo for both days of the event.
  • 1 Day General Admission – You are a member of the general public interested in networking, learning more about cannabinoids and extraction, as well as hear from our speakers and exhibitors for one day.
  • Exhibit Hall ONLY – You are interested in networking with exhibitors with access to the exhibit hall ONLY.

2. Are Workshops and Educational Courses a separate price?

Workshops are FREE to attend, however, Certification Educational Courses are an additional cost. 
*Note: Individual educational courses are sold separately from General Admission passes. However, when purchasing a course, attendance at the conference is included. 

3. How is my registration confirmed?

After completing registration, you will be routed to a confirmation page that will allow you to add the event to your calendar, print a receipt, edit your registration, as well as view a map and directions. In addition, you will receive a confirmation email with your registration information.

4. Is there an age restriction?

Yes , this event is for ages 21+ only, please bring a valid ID.

5. What kind of accessibility arrangements are available?

Please contact us at (877)-524-MACE or email us at info@macemediagroup.com for further assistance. 

6. Are pets, or service animals permitted?

Service animals are permitted ONLY with the proper certification and/or paperwork. Other animals are not allowed on the convention/venue premises.

7. Can I see what sessions will be presented before I arrive on site?

Yes. The program for the MACE Media Group events is regularly updated online, please refer to our upcoming event: Concentration 2021 Agenda.
*Note: All speaker sessions are subject to change without notice*

8. Are the presentations from the seminars available after the show?

Yes, however, there is a charge. All videos will be available on our Conference Cast channel about 14 days after the conference. We encourage you to look through our channel for videos of any previous conferences… There is some great info there.

9. What accommodations do you provide?

MACE Media Group does not accommodate for travel and lodging. However, we do recommend our discounted room block through our preferred hotel partner.

10. How can I reserve exhibitor space in the exhibit hall?

Please call us at 877-524-MACE and we will be happy to help you reserve a booth.

11. How can my organization become a conference sponsor?

Sponsorship opportunities are limited, so act today. To become a sponsor and for more information, please contact info@macemediagroup.com

12. Can I advertise in the conference sessions/rooms?

Yes. Each conference session can be sponsored by YOUR company. Chair-drops, conference room banners, note-pad sponsorships, and much more are available to help promote your company throughout the entire conference. Please contact info@macemediagroup.com to make arrangements.

13. What is the attendee cancellation policy for the conference?

Attendee ticket refunds are available up to forty-five days before the official first day of the Show (“Refund Deadline”). Requests for a refund must be submitted by the Refund Deadline. The service charge for processing a refund is $25.00 (or the equivalent in another currency at the time pre-show registration is opened), in addition to any amounts already paid.

Refunds are unavailable any time after the expiration of the Refund Deadline without documented bereavement, military leave, or medical leave.

14. Is soliciting permitted?

Soliciting of exhibitors or other attendees is strictly prohibited. Such violation may result in the attendee being removed from the event and barred from returning without refund of their registration fee.

15. My question is not listed here. Whom do I contact?

Please correct the email: info@macemediagroup.com

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